Text Cluster

class TextCluster(tuple)

class cairo.TextCluster(num_bytes: int, num_glyphs: int)

New in version 1.15.

The TextCluster structure holds information about a single text cluster. A text cluster is a minimal mapping of some glyphs corresponding to some UTF-8 text.

For a cluster to be valid, both num_bytes and num_glyphs should be non-negative, and at least one should be non-zero. Note that clusters with zero glyphs are not as well supported as normal clusters. For example, PDF rendering applications typically ignore those clusters when PDF text is being selected.

See Context.show_text_glyphs() for how clusters are used in advanced text operations.

__init__(num_bytes: int, num_glyphs: int) None
  • num_bytes – the number of bytes of UTF-8 text covered by cluster

  • num_glyphs – the number of glyphs covered by cluster

num_bytes: int = Ellipsis
num_glyphs: int = Ellipsis